About the Open CFML Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the Open CFML Foundation is to increase the awareness and adoption of open source CFML solutions via advocacy and education, and to promote the growth of the CFML language and related technologies.

CFML is at a crossroads, and we believe that open source is essential to the future of CFML.

In a video presentation at OpenCF Summit, Jeremy Allaire, the co-creator of CFML, said that the availability of open source CFML engines is “an incredibly exciting evolution of the language” and “if we can get broad-based adoption of these open source engines … [CFML] could really have a renaissance and become an even more important language than it is today.”

We couldn't agree more.

With the availability of two excellent open source CFML engines (Railo and OpenBD) CFML is finally on parity with other popular open source web development platforms. No longer do we have to make excuses or attempt to justify that the cost of a CFML engine is worth it; open source has removed this last barrier to CFML adoption.

The Open CFML Foundation was created because its founders recognize that in order for CFML to grow a central organization is needed to lead the charge in advocacy and education. This will show the world that CFML is a vital, vibrant platform with rich open source offerings and begin to address the misconceptions and perception challenges that CFML faces.

Board of Directors

  • Sean Schroeder (Blue River Interactive Group, Mura CMS)
  • Matt Levine (Blue River Interactive Group, Mura CMS)
  • Jordan Michaels (Vivio Technologies)
  • Mark Keymer (Vivio Technologies)
  • Luis Majano (Ortus Solutions, Coldbox)
  • Curt Gratz (Computer Know-How, Coldbox)