Lucee provides a lot of functionality (tags and functions) to deal with all kinds of web related actions. Manipulating images, PDF files, XML, string, numbers, dates and a lot more.
You name it, Lucee does it for you!

Web services

Lucee has built-in support not only to call existing web services, it can also generate web services for you in the most simple way. Lucee supports 3 types of web services:

  • RESTful Web services
  • WDDX/Soap Web services
  • HTTP (Simple HTTP interface, similar to RESTful but simpler to use)


Lucee has built-in support for the ORM Framework Hibernate, you can interact with Hibernate in the most simple way, no complex configuration necessary: Lucee takes care of it.


Lucee has built-in support for different caching mechanisms (infinispan, ehcache, memcached ...) that can be easily extended. These cache implementations can not only used explicitly in your application, they can also be used to cache database results, function calls, HTTP calls, to store sessions, and as backbone for the RAM Resource with a simple configuration.

Virtual Filesystems

Lucee supports multiple virtual filesystems. These virtual filesystems allows one to handle all kind of resources (zip, HTTP, FTP, S3, RAM...) the same way as the local filesystem.

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