Mura CMS

Mura is a comprehensive CFML-based content management system that allows your organization to publish and control web content quickly and easily.

Open source, free and flexible, Mura CMS is a great choice for your next web project, whether you're launching an enterprise intranet, or a mid-sized business website. Mura CMS's broad feature set and great usability will give you a productive, scalable toolkit to develop your web project rapidly. 

Marketing & Communications

Connect to your audience quickly and easily:

  • Simple and intuitive editing interface
  • Built-in advertising tools and e-mail marketing
  • Real-time user tracking
  • Internal user/group access control and workflow

Designers & Developers

We created it the way you would:

  • Extensive CSS hooks
  • Standards-based HTML/CSS templating
  • Dynamically-generated, pre-built objects
  • Ultra-Customizable
  • SEO savvy

Programmers & IT

Mura was built to make your life easier:

  • Advanced API for easy customization and extensibility
  • Staging & Production Environments
  • Fine-grained caching controls
  • Cross-platform support for both browser and server

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