Preside CMS

Preside is a leading web development platform running on the JVM. Open source and enterprise class, the Preside platform offers your developers a familiar MVC based experience with unequalled flexibility to build applications, websites and other content led digital products.

Experience unparalleled speed of development coupled with the reliability & scalability of the JVM

Preside platform gives you the flexibility to model the content storage model based on your unique requirements, this can then form part of a traditional web CMS or underpin a restful API for a headless CMS system.

The Preside platform community brings together a wide range of agencies and companies that use Preside as a foundation to support their digital platforms. From bespoke risk management systems to CRMs, from global digital publishers to association websites and across a whole range of size of project our community is growing.

When building the preside platform we thought hard about what we wanted the coding experience to feel like then worked backwards to make it happen. APIs are often an entire afterthought, the Preside system allows your designers entire design flexibility, the platform will not get in your way and your developers will be as productive as possible. The MVC framework provides separation of visual design from function and the solid foundation of the Java application server means your application can take advantage of all that an enterprise stack has to offer to extend and scale your sites.

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