Lucee is the new black

Lucee is a light-weight dynamic scripting language for the JVM that enables the rapid development of simple to highly sophisticated web applications. Visit to learn more.

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Success Story

Wisconsin Cheese Group

Now, more than ever before, consumers and regulatory agencies are extremely cautious about the origin and quality of food – and with good reason! The Wisconsin Cheese Group, with the help of Open Source CFML, has developed a unique and rigorous system to meet and exceed all food safety and quality requirements.

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NASA Mars Rover

Railo Server, compiling to the fastest Java bytecode around was utilised by NASA JPL to back its Curiosity Rover website, serving up to 4 million concurrent sessions on the first days after Curiosity landed on Mars.

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Adventure Cycling Association

Adventure Cycling Association, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle, chose the open source applications Mura CMS, and Slatwall eCommerce to support their new website implementation.

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"...this is an incredibly exciting evolution of the language."

- Jeremy Allaire, creator of ColdFusion and CEO of Brightcove, speaking about Open Source CFML

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Open Source CFML has a great ecosystem, filled with top quality applications and engines. Check out how to win at binary options our list of projects - everything from CMS to eCommerce to development frameworks. Whatever your web development needs, you're likely to find a great solution here.  

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CFML is an incredibly powerful, rapid development language for web applications of all shapes and sizes, with a nearly twenty-year history of making difficult development tasks simple and nearly impossible ones downright trivial.

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Support OS CFML

The Open Source CFML Foundation is funded by donations from members of the community, large organizations and individuals alike. Help us spread the word about CFML, and also provide support to some of the leading projects in the CFML ecosystem

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