What's CFML?

.CFML is a powerful scripting language for web development designed from the very beginning to be highly accessible and easy to use. Originally created in 1995 by JJ and Jeremy Allaire, CFML has existed since the beginning of the web and has been powering countless web sites—including some of the most popular sites in the world—ever since.


CFML was available only as a proprietary commercial solution for many years but in 2008 two excellent CFML engines, Open BlueDragon and Railo, both announced they would be made available under open source licenses. Open BlueDragon is based on the commercial product BlueDragon that powers numerous large-scale web sites such as MySpace, and Railo runs some of the highest-trafficked publishing and broadcasting sites in Europe.

What Does it Run On?

CFML runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and can be deployed to any standard Java servlet container such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty in the same fashion as any Java-based application, typically as a standard WAR file. Because of CFML's tight relationship with Java you can leverage all of your Java platform knowledge and be confident that CFML applications can scale to meet your needs.

As a language, CFML offers both tag and script-based syntax making it easy for front-end and back-end developers alike to be extremely productive with the language. The rich tag and function libraries available in CFML allow you to accomplish more per line of code than any other web development technology. And since CFML runs on the JVM you can easily interact with and augment your Java code with powerful CFML tags, functions, and libraries.

Why Use It?

If you want to built top-quality solutions in less time, or if you have been working with other web development platforms that you've found difficult to learn and use, if you're Java developer looking for a simpler way to deal with many common web development tasks, or if you're just getting started in web development and want an easy-to-learn solution that will grow with you, CFML is the technology for you.

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