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The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is a federally funded research and development facility managed by the Californian Institute of Technology for the National Aeronatics and Space Administration, or NASA as it is more commonly known.


From the roar of pioneering Space Age rockets to the soft whir of servos on 21st century robot explorers on Mars, JPL’s spacecraft have blazed the trail to the planets and the universe beyond for more than 50 years.

The tools JPL has developed for space exploration have also proved invaluable in providing new insights and discoveries in studies of Earth, its atmosphere, climate, oceans, geology and the biosphere. The ongoing invention of ever more-sensitive space sensors has also resulted in a myriad of technology applications widely used for medical, industrial and commercial uses on Earth.

Innovative technology from JPL has taken humanity far beyond regions of space where we can actually travel ourselves.

The Mars Science Laboratory's Curiosity rover made a heart-pounding and technically pitch-perfect landing on Mars, setting the stage for a two-year mission to determine if the planet could have ever hosted life.

Amongst this technology is Railo, an open source application server, designed to create dynamic websites, web applications and intranet systems. Railo Server is widely considered the world’s fastest and most flexible CFML engine. Providing intuitive tag-based templating language syntax and a dynamic, object-oriented JavaScript-like language for server-side code, Railo compiles to the fastest Java bytecode around. This combination of tag-based markup and scripting languages is known as CFML.

Railo, which JPL utilised to back its Curiosity Rover website, experienced up to 4 million concurrent sessions on the first days after Curiosity landed on Mars.

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Over the following months, JPL achieved a smooth transition of the majority of its CFML applications to Railo. Together with training in Railo’s advanced techniques, Railo continues to grow within JPL’s application protfolio. 

About Railo

Railo Server is also the fastest-growing CFML Engine, backed by an active development community, The Railo Company as well as a number of investors across the US and Europe.